Kitchen, dining room, lounge, or simply a hallway. We can do it. For that dinning room, study or lounge renovation that you have planned for so long, let us give you a quote or advice on the best way to get your renovation project going and finished.
We have skilled carpenters, builders, plumbers and painters ready to take the headache out of your renovation project. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that the quality and efficiency of the work is executed to our high renovation specifications and, more importantly, yours.

Why renovate?

Here are a few pointers that may indicate that it is time to renovate:
  • An old or dated decor

  • A lack of power points and light switches. (shaver points in a bathroom)

  • Poor or insufficient lighting.

  • Lack of damp proofing or insulation. (get energy efficient and save on your electrical bills for heating or cooling)

  • A poor or ineffective layout of the room.

  • Poor or no heating solutions.

From small projects to large contracts. To us, the ceiling renovation in your lounge is as important as the renovation of 100 hotel rooms.

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